Push On Through The Rough Times…

I really do miss how things used to be… So much change has happened in my life recently, all for the better honestly, but the loss of comfort I once had in the past is honestly making things feel somewhat awkward. I know I am not the only one feeling the same. Many of you have sent me email and messages telling me about this topic. All I can honestly say is that just grin and bear it, soon it will all pass and things will be better. Trust me I know this is not the first time I have gone through this. Each time I have become a better person for it. Still if you want even more proof, I give you for review my friend Roy Wooley…

This man has gone through a lot in his life. When I first met him he and I were in a very similar boat, fighting the odds against us as we chased our dreams. Now after going through all the hard times and sad moments. I saw my friend stand on the top this his first mountain… It was awesome, there will be more mountains to come trust me. Still when you stick to your guns and go through these hard times you will come out. Not always on top but you will come out better. Roy went to bat two times on the TV show Face Off and has become a fan favorite. He met his goals of making the finale and show the world his passion and love of his art. Now he can build off of that.

I have done similar things but not to his level. Still my point is simple, to those of you who have wrote to me feeling the same way I do, DON’T QUIT!!! You will regret it and feel even worse. Push on meet your goal and just shine! It will not be a waste!

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