How Not To Get In To My Old Shoes…

I don’t know who you are that may be reading this. I do know that if this touches you, you are not happy. You are most likely very confused and lost. I know I was a while back before writing this… This is the reason I am writing you this letter. No this is not a plea for you to believe in Jesus Christ or any other faith; you will have to do that by your own accord. I am not going to lie and say that belief in him did not help me. It very much did so, but it would have not been possible without doing the things I am going to talk about here first. These things helped me remember who I am as a human being; remind me of the things I love…

I am very happy right now, in a place I have not been in for a very long time. I know many of you are calling BS on me right now. Sadly you are wrong, as positive as I have been and as much as I have changed I was content, NOT depressed but not happy… Many wrong things happened to me and in turn out of a pity party or whatever it was I made some dumb as all shit decisions. Gladly I could look beyond on them and move forward. That led me here. Happy, happy that I have my smile back, literally! Happy that it’s freezing cold outside, that I got to spend Arturo’s birthday with him and that tomorrow I get to say Happy Birthday to my oldest friend and that we are still alive!! Happy that I am making the future I really want and not the one I was conditioned and told I was supposed to have… That is not to say that you are in that condition or that the life you want is wrong. But you do have to do two things if you are not happy. 1) Ask yourself are you happy? Do you love the things you have (People and materials) 2) this is the hard one… Make sure you are happy with yourself; be cautious to not confuse what you are (Title, Position, Fame etc…) with who you are…


I am an adventurer and believe in living life to the fullest. I do love a good mystery and searching for the unknown, still that is not where my adventures pull from though. My goal was always to show the beauty in life around us all. To promote the best from myself and all around me who wish the same. Lately, actually in the last handful of years, that has not been the case. I have been getting lost in the “important” things of life. Those things that have been pulling me away from family and friends. Hell even from me making a family of my own… Granted much of this is my own doing, as it most likely is with you as well. Recently though I go to the point to where nothing seemed to make sense. I was working my ass off, never doing anything I enjoyed or being with the people I love… Working to very little to no gain, I looked at myself in the morning one night and asked myself “What the hell is this all for?” What was I getting out of all this sacrifice? Honestly I was getting things I don’t like or enjoy out of all this work. People thinking I am all about the paranormal 24/7. The people I love and the family becoming more distant… I sit here on the computer writing and watching the next generation of my family grow from a distance, some not even knowing who I am. My friends grow old and make their own without me. I know I am not the only one who is feeling and living like this… Have you asked yourself “What for?”

After doing that I was now at a standstill, luckily many of my life choices kept me busy and earning. Still I was at a point that I began to ask myself “Now what?” Even though I don’t want to get lost in work anymore, I still need to work and make a living… That when the advice from another old friend hot me like a soccer ball to the head. “When you are confused or lost. Go back to the beginning.” So I did, I went in to the Aymerich “Vault” and began to get lost in my old artwork. Photos and poetry were scattered all over and that’s when I was reminded about what I really love and enjoy. This step may be 100% different for you, still take it! For me I was looking at my past with a whole new set of eyes and I saw things I was doing that I did not even realize back then. I saw how every moment was an adventure. I was capturing it…

This was actually a while back now as I write this, I know the way I am telling this story it may seem like it was some months or weeks back. It was actually three years back. Since then I have been doing what I am asking you to do now. I have been living MY life on My terms. It is not easy and sometimes I do have to not do something I really want. But It is all to get to the point to never have to make many of those compensations anymore. Especially when it comes to family. In the time back I was always passing up family events and moments. I had become absent from my loved ones because I was chasing a dream, actually a level of “success” to my dream that I did not really want when I thought about it deeply. I am the ghost/paranormal man, but I am also an artist. I also love helping others and shedding a positive light on life in general. I know for many people who have known me throughout the years that may not sound like me at all… That is because as much as I was changing I was not allowing myself to make the changes to share… The way I was going about things was all wrong and completely un-fulfilling for me. Hell I put up the camera and paints! That should have been the flashing red light and red flag LOL! Now I ask you, are you doing what you want and are you doing what makes you filling fulfilled and happy? If not, make the changes and do them right and honestly. Put down the bottle and realize that no one who really matters cares about what you do. They just want you to be happy! Make sure you can meet your needs and responsibilities! Then go do what makes you, YOU!

 My name is William Hillard-Aymerich

My jobs are my own business in estate building and protection. As well and recreation and events with the City of Norcross & Doraville… My Passions are the paranormal and art (Photography, painting and writing) My love is LIFE and sharing it with all of you!

Now YOU go make your own statement…

~ Will

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  1. I firmly believe it is impossible to even think about making others lives happy and/or fulfilled if you are not happy with yourself, and you cannot be happy with yourself unless you totally embrace who and what you are. (As long as you are not hurting children and animals)

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