Wondering What I Am Up To In The Coming Weeks?

Many have been asking me what i have had in the works for some paranormal fun this year… Well here is the low down for all of you!

This weekend is it! My first trip to the west coast to do my thing in a LONG time… I hope you all will join me for Grey Ghost Paracon at the USS Hornet in Alameda, CA. Should be tons of fun!!! I will be doing the motivational talk “The NEW Paranormal Paradigm” which for people who are seasoned in the field should not be new, still come on over and check it out… I have not been in the West side of the country for a long time and I am looking forward to it… Also hopefully an In and Out Burger too… LOL


For those of you on the East coast don’t freak out! I will give a similar talk at Ghostock RESURRECTION in Savannah, GA in March!!! This is going to be fun! It has been forever and a day that Ghostock and we cool paranormal kids has raided the town… If you get the chance come join us on this one! It’s like a family reunion of sorts… Go find out more about this event at ghostock.com


If you cannot do either… well I will be having my workshops and PARANORMAL walks back in the mix starting in April!! I will be holding them both in haunted locations in Doraville and Norcross Georgia this spring… I will have more information on this up soon when more details come my way… To give you an idea each workshop will focus more on individual aspects on the “Paradigm” lectures.

I hope you all can join me at these events!! I am excited to see all of you again and be back in the mix! Oh before I leave you all here… There is more news coming soon… HEH…

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