Gene Simmons: Why is anyone surprised?

Yes I know of the Gene Simmons article in Huffington post. I first want to know why this is news and an issue?  He is not in the medical profession… He is an entertainer and of no importance in the field of clinical depression. So honestly other than for giving me a show his opinion on any other matter really does not matter (LOL! sorry i just read that and had to giggle) and is of no level for earning and or loss of respect for me… Now if a doctor said this I would flip!! I think there is a lesson here that is painful for me to see, and that is America NEEDS to stop looking up to entertainers, athletes and famous people for their moral compass and lessons in life…  Just because they are successful and wealthy doing what they do does not mean they know everything and are good people? It just means they know what they do in their field VERY WELL! I like the KISS show and probably do till I die. Hell he does a good job in giving it… For the longest time people loved him for being an A$$hole and having an ego the size of the sun! So when someone is talking to him about drug abusers and alcoholics (People he has made no bones about not liking) we are shocked about his opinion and what is coming out of his mouth? I am thinking more and more the real issue here is that us the consuming U.S. public needs to grow up and stop whining when we don’t like when someone has an opinion that we do not agree with or like. He is a grown man, he is also a U.S. citizen he is entitled to his opinion… That don’t mean I don’t have to like it! Which I don’t! BUT! Instead of whining and moaning calling him names and saying I lost all respect for him. I will give you all my opinion and what i believe is going on…

No I don’t agree with Gene, but like many of the people who have never experienced clinical mental illness, I am sure Gene does not understand the reality and the differences. I believe by his statements in the original article/interview he is thinking/confusing people who are in situational depression and asking for attention with people who are suffering from mental illness. I believe he is on the bandwagon (one that I am see WAY TOO MUCH now after the passing of Robin Williams) that most are on believing that people who are sad and looking for help and attention and those who have mental illness are the same. WE ARE NOT! Everyone who is sad or have anxiety attacks are not suffering from clinical mental illness, or a disorder… Most of those who are suffering on a clinical level don’t even know they are suffering from it. I am one of those who had no clue! I self medicated with booze and spiraled out of control for a long time…Also let’s remember who we are talking about here, Gene Simmons a man who is not known for his good taste and political correctness. Like Ann Coulter he has been known for saying some outrageous things to keep relevant…

Before I throw him or anyone under the bus for making insensitive comments like he made I would like for them to learn and know the truth. Why? Because many in my life who care for me had no idea about mental illness themselves…The fact that it is physical and not something that can be talked out… Let’s face it this is not a simple matter…

On a side note… I have a wish and something I have been asking for a long time. I would like society and the medical field to stop labeling both situational and clinical mental illness as depression, one is situational and has an immediate cause and will pass the other is chemical and physical, without proper treatment and discipline will only get worse…

Oh and can someone bitch slap these radio stations saying they are banning the music of KISS… They never even played it to start out with, they have not been relevant in top 40 music since 1983… LOL! *end rant*

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