The Infamous Priest of St. Giles Cathedral (Image)…

Recently many people have been sending me many popular circulating photographs and videos via Facebook and Twitter. Most are fakes that have been proven a while back by my peers and even myself a while back. The videos and photos seem to be making their rounds again since its fall and close to Halloween again… In those there often pops up a new and interesting one. This is one of those images! This is one I have seen a while back in the “Ghosts Caught on Film” book series. The infamous priest of St. Giles Cathedral image…

Here is all I know about the picture…
This photograph was taken with a KODAK EASYSHARE CX7300 digital camera a few years ago, in St. Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh. It was an overcast day, not too many tourists were in at the time, from what I know the only other person with the photographer was their mother… They have stated “When I take any photograph inside the Cathedral or anywhere, I try to wait till there is no-one in the way and then I’ll click away, and that is what I did here. My mum also is afraid of any clergy i.e. nuns, priests, ministers from an incident when she was little, so I know if this gentleman had been sitting there my mum would have gone outside and left me there!”

That being all I know about the photograph I got some larger copies of the images and began to examine them… The metadata on the copies I have do attribute to the claim that it was taken with a Kodak camera. The image itself though it’s very pixilated although here is light coming from the stain glass windows, it is still very low light causing pixilation… The pixilation does match over the image of the priest and shows no sign of manipulation. BUT! There is a grain of doubt for me of this being paranormal. The fact that the picture was taken in extreme low light, this could still be a person that was sitting there unbeknownst of the investigators/photographer. I know they say it was not and they could have seen that in the amount of light that is in the image… There is apparently no picture and or video showing that in brighter light. This is why I push and claim to never do serious investigations in low and zero light at all times during the investigation. Do them in small intervals when required for the equipment in use. This image should have been shot in light! This is not a full spectrum, Infrared or FLIR camera. Not suited for low light shooting, this could have been a person, cut out or even paradolia! So who knows…?
I feel like leaving it at that conclusion is not good enough though. There is something there in the photograph, so I tried to see if I could find more information of the image from the source. Sadly I could not locate the investigator. Is this a ghost? Could be… But I need more evidence and research. So I now pass it on to all of you…

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