A White Figure In Edinburgh…

The following is from the that submitted the image:

“Attached is a scan of a picture taken on a walking tour in Edinburgh in 1998. The image showed up when the pictures were developed back in the u.s. saw nothing, felt nothing, just shot picture along with others on the vault tour. wife and daughter were along and had same unawareness.”

Looking at the image enlarged on my computer (a 21″ LCD Screen) I have to say that this looks like a hoax image… It seems to be an out of focus black & white photo of a person pasted onto the photograph. Now some investigators I had consulted have said that most paranormal images are out of focus and that it could still be a proper paranormal picture. Now the out of focus statement is true, but in close review I still see signs of a poorly done cut and paste. Granted it could still be from the image having been enhanced and not revealed that it has been done, that benefit of the doubt I will give. Still if it quacks like a duck, it’s a duck… I will leave this open for your review and opinion…

What do you think?

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