Something I am Passionate About…

You guys have been wanting to know more about me… I got a treat for you,  Here is something I am very passionate about…
In the office today we have the Christmas music cranking and getting the place ready and Merry. While soon you will be doing that in your place for work and home I want you to think of the little ones that are less fortunate. The ones who may not get a visit from Santa because of their parent’s hardship… If you wish to help them out why not join some of the most extreme bad ass mofo’s this country has, the United States Marine Corps in helping Santa get to them.

These bad asses for years have been running Toys for Tots! How do you help? Just go to your local USMC recruiting center and leave them a NEW & UNWRAPPED toy or TOYS! If you can’t find a center guess what! You can come to my office at the City of Doraville Forest Fleming Arena and drop them off! If you don’t live in the Atlanta, GA area go to and find a donation location near you!!!The times have been hard in this country, many parents have been working hard just to get food on the table. To pay for medical and the roof over their head, that they can’t be Santa. So these Devil Dog’s decided to help, no just with toys, they also help with blankets and coats to help the kids in the cold… Helping families… Think about it, you may be not just giving a kid a smile with a toy, also a warm hug with a blanket. (Uncle Shawn’s Hugs)

Why am I passionate about this? Well for one my father was one of these bad asses that helped Santa… I remember him doing it. Also because a couple of times in my life, these amazing men and women always known for their hard side, showed their tenderness by making a little Will smile… Hopefully you can help them make some other little Will smile this year… Give!! And see that smile grow on your face too!!

On Christmas eve leave milk and cookies or maybe a sandwich and coffee.. Santa may be getting so help to your home by one of the Few and The Proud in a utility uniform…
Thank you Devil Dogs for Semper Fi, Oorah!!
Peace and Happy Holidays…

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