Thoughts About Events With Cuba…

This is an embarrassing moment in U.S. history… All that is happening with Cuba right now I believe is being done without much knowledge of what is really happening in that nation… Or how little freedom is truly given to the citizens… Now I know that when Kennedy created the embargo it was not supposed to last forever. I also know that the embargo really has not worked. The nation has been surviving with little to know help from U.S. goods and resources. Still when President Kennedy signed the embargo it was not supposed to be lifted until Cuba/Castro advanced the nation to meet more democratic means to allow more freedom to the citizens of the island nation… So what are things being changed? What has changed in Cuba today with President Obama’s announcement he wants to normalize relations with the country? Let’s see, Raul Castro, a dictator, is still in power. Cuban citizens still can’t speak freely or read freely or do much of anything freely without fear of imprisonment or even death. House wives and Mothers still resort to prostitution to put food on the table because wages are extremely low in moraly legal work. Hum…

Yes, I agree its great news that two Americans have come home safe. But many questions still remain about what the United States has given up in exchange. Cuba is no closer to moving towards a democracy for its people. And you have to wonder if these moves will inspire other rogue nations to now capture Americans as hostages knowing this administration is open to making deals made up of concessions? The most interesting development to me is the bipartisan criticism of the president’s move. It’s not just Republicans who are upset over the decision, but many Democrats are, too… We know this president has made it clear he plans to act alone on many issues in the last two years of his presidency, sidestepping Congress on a lot of important issues but this one could end up being the most risky and foolish. After all, we’re putting our trust in a communist nation to change its ways, based on their word! A situation that has not turned out well for us and many other nations, Cuba and Communist nations are not known for their word. Honestly this could be said for any nation…

I am not sure if this is going to play heavily in U.S. politics in 2015, and t should, many years back I thought the Elian Gonzales event would have played more in the politics of the day and in the end it didn’t. I know Cuba is not on many new voters radar but it something that should be studied. This lame duck president has made a move that will bite us back in the butt if we don’t make more secure arrangements in the voting booth in the future. Opening the door with Cuba in political relations will affect relations with Russia and China as well as many other Communist and Socialist nations … Not always in good ways… I just don’t think we are ready for this yet…

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