Some Answers about The AYMERICH Show and A Personal Request From Will Aymerich…

Okay Listeners!!!  I am calling on you to PLEASE Listen to my new show The AYMERICH Show on Rock Radio and More and share this and most all posts about my show on your Facebook and or twitter!! Why? Well it is because I am wishing and wanting more people around the world to listen to my show and become more informed about the paranormal and mysteries they have been hearing about online and in the press… As well as being entertained with the best music in the world ROCK MUSIC! I find it as a good way to help you forget all this insanity and negativity you are seeing on TV and social media… As well if you are stressed or upset, ROCKING OUT! Always helps in getting rid of that…

The other cool thing is on my show I want to expose you topics you are familiar with but in another culture! The AYMERICH Show is both in English and Spanish… Again you ask Why? Because I am both! I grew up in both in the USA and Costa Rica, speaking both languages! Don’t be afraid of that… Even if you don’t understand a word! Listen and enjoy the music and you will soon realize how much you really do understand how about what we are talking about… This format happened because many of you who were fans of the old show The DARKSIDE… asked me to make this show unique and more personal. I accepted that challenge! Thus I talk about more than the paranormal and I speak in more than one language! On a station that plays rock in both English and Spanish I may add…

Now that I am done with that, this is what I am REALLY wanting to ask you! Call my show and leave a message with your own Paranormal story! I don’t care if it is ghost or UFO… Just call 770-884-2104 and tell us your story in your own words. We will listen and replay (Your recording)  it if you want it shared with the world… We (My show staff and I) may also call you back and have you on the show live talking about it… Also replaying any audio evidence you may wish to share with me… I want to know about you! If you don’t have a story but want to call anyway, leave us a shot out and tell us from where you are listening! Just call 770-884-2104 If you don’t have a phone tell me on FACEBOOK or TWITTER I want to know your stories!

Right about now you may be asking yourself… Where Can I listen to The AYMERICH Show? You can catch the show LIVE every Wednesday at 11am and again at 7pm (This is East Coast USA time) on ROCK RADIO and MOREAs per the norm I ask… Please share listen and comment… you can find out more about The AYMERICH Show and listen live at the stations Facebook Rock Radio And More and website

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