My five cents on the soccer/fútbol games yesterday…

Okay… Many are asking about my five cents on the soccer/fútbol games yesterday. Read up well because this is going to be only one of very few times that I will talk about this sore and sad part of my favorite sport…

Yes the USA lost and that is bad but not tragic. They lost fair and square due to an unseasoned goal keeper. That happens and it is how a player matures and seasons in the sport. No amount of extra training makes one better. Just need to get on the pitch and square out your nerves…

Now the sore spot. The Mexico thing… *Sigh* Now before anyone gets on the Mexico is a cheating team bandwagon let’s get the facts straight. Yes they made it to the final of the Gold Cup by winning two games on penalty kicks by bad “ghost penalty” calls from the refs. Many of the players on the Mexican team have admitted to it and made it clear that they don’t like that fact. Also by watching both games and reviewing replays of each game online. Other than for the usual flops on the field to get a foul call or a penalty call from the refs, mind you something ALL TEAMS DO, I have not seen any bad soccer/fútbol from Mexico. In all honestly this is some of the cleanest playing I have seen from El Tri in many years! By that I mean more technical, they are usually a very fast team but with more of a street style and this team is more on set plays. I did not see any real intentional cheating fouls by on the field by any player on either team that was looked over or passed over by the officials. What I did see is something that does bother me.. I saw officials at the extra time period of each of the games to begin to make unwarranted calls to skew the game in favor of a team. I saw them do this while both teams are playing some of the best soccer/fútbol ever in this tournament.

People are wanting to scream that this was done by the Mexican team paying off the FIFA officials. I don’t see that. If it were so I don’t believe you would be seeing as may players I do in interviews talking about how shameful the calls are. I do see corrupt official, I do see possible pay off by fans, supporters with deep pockets. (Contrary to what Donald Trump says there are wealthy Mexicans both in legitimate and non-legitimate business like here in the USA) I also see a MAJOR glaring rule in the sport that needs to be addressed. One that has been talked about for many years by fans and players alike. The officials need to be held accountable for their ruling! Unlike American Football, basketball, baseball and many other sports. Soccer/fútbol does not have any way to hold their ref’s accountable for their rulings. There is no instant replay or final judging before a game is called. They ref’s can actually cheat and or show favoritism to a specific team and get away with it. There could also be bad calling because of illness or a bad day and nothing be done about it as well… FIFA need to also correct this hole in the rules of the sport. If done believe me I think many people would start to respect the league much more. (This would still not clear them of the many other issues of coruption they are facing but for us little guys who love the sport it would go a long way)

Many games not just these two have been decided because of this issue for many years. But in my time in the sport I have not seen it so blaringly obvious like this… It hurts the sport and it hurts they players and fans who just love seeing the game. It brings a level of politics that should not be in this or any sport period…

This does not take away from Mexico, they played hard! In my opinion most likely would have won on penalty kick shoot off. Also with the way the rules are at the moment they won. if they protested the call they could have ruled a forfeit and lost the game thus not being fair either to both Costa Rica and Panama. They players did what they are supposed to and took the shots… Where the corruption lies is in the officiating….

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