Answering Some Questions…

Since The AYMERICH Show started, I have been getting a stream of questions on my social media and email about me and the show… I thought today would be a good day t answer some of the most frequent and repeated questions for you. This is not to stop any of you from asking, please continue to do so!! I will answer as many of them as I can!

What is it about the logo? How can you claim to be a positive person with such dark images and colors, calling yourself and outlaw and that skull!? The logo has been in use now for many years… I have thought about changing it now for a couple of months but I can’t. It represents what I believe. Under all the things we claim make us different, our skin, color, race, creed and professional status, we all are bones. We all have a skull and that alone does not make of us unique. We all have blood but our blood types can be different. But our skull, all of them are the same material. I am the outlaw because I am a rebel. I do not follow all the norms of the masses. I believe to live my life as me, whether you like me or not. I like sharing that in hopes that you too can live that way and be free. Our soul and being is what makes each one of use unique. Not our physical body. The outlaw name was given to me by an old friend and it fit. I kept it but I really don’t use it anymore in a professional level, just the logo. As for the dark colors, I like them and they make it easy on the eyes to read the blog. I don’t believe being positive is all bright colors, butterflies, kittens and puppy dogs. Its about your beliefs and that you are trying for success and sharing your knowledge with others so they can try too… That and some of the curiosities that I enjoy is what I love to do on my show and site. Oh and many people say the skull kinda looks like me…

Why is The AYMERICH… Show in Spanish? It’s not… The first hour is in Spanish the second in English… Apparently you have not listened to all of it. I do it that way because it is who I am. I know both languages and have family that are only Spanish speaking and others who are only English speaking. Both want to listen to me do my thing so I give it to them and others… Also either part is not exclusive, if you call in speaking English I will rely in English, same for Spanish. Don’t be afraid and listen…

Is it true you are going to skip Dragon*Con and other Conventions This Year? Yes it is. I decided to dedicate as much time as I can to family and business this year. Yes the conventions pay but they do not offer as much to help meet my priorities after taking out the loss of overhead. This does not mean I will not return to them at a later date. Just for now I am digging my family time and helping others in my business.

What happened to the Ghost Tours? They actually have been shut down for a while now. Many of you read reviews of them on my site and others and become interested. Thank you! A couple of years back when interest waned (Due to Para-pop overload) Co-owner Sally Toole and I agreed to slow down the tours. Since then she moved and I have been on the road working.. By default the tours ended. If I get the time I have been wanting to do VIP walks of the town with a bit of hunting time. If I can ever get to that point I will announce it and do them…

There is a rumor that you are leaving the paranormal field, is that true? This is not a simple answer so follow me here… Yes I am… I am leaving the field in the manner that I have been doing it as a “professional”. There is nothing “professional” about the field anymore. This does not mean I am leaving investigating or exploring. I have come to realize that the field is really mostly about people wanting their 15 minutes of fame and fortune (Which does not exist in this field… How can it if you charge nothing for your services) I am now making a big change in how I do things and will be doing it my way to honestly help others, (Mostly the living over the dead)… I will also be taking to other more personal ways to share the information and findings to benefit others including myself. This is all not ironed out and in stone. still things had to change so I could continue this and still be able to focus on my work and family. This has been an awesome ride but it is a hobby that has done well but because of lack of income potential has to remain a hobby…

Are you married? NOPE!

Don’t you share your investigations and findings? I do when I am allowed. I offer media releases to clients but many if not most prefer to keep things private.

Are you going to write another book? I actually have written two books on the paranormal since “Souls of Norcross” but I am far from happy with them. I am also not really in the mood to revisit my past that much right now as I would have to in promotion of the books. The will come out sooner than later. I believe the second will be out first since I have been adding new chapters to it. There are also some non paranormal books in the ready as well..

Is that really your artwork on the website? Yes it is! I have been making art in one way or another now since I was 14 years old… If you are curious and want to see more CLICK HERE and you can purchase some or just enjoy… I love the visual arts and post regularly on the site..

Are you ever going to settle down and get married? MOM!?!

Do you really drink that much coffee? Depends on how much you think I am drinking. I drink a lot more than most people. But most likely not as much as you think I do. About two coffee pots a day…

What do you do for a living? Help families earn more income and become properly protected, debt free and financially independent. Coach and run a soccer league, talk on the radio and write…

Okay guys that’s it for now… If you have anymore questions send them in email or leave in comments! Have fun! Till next time lots of love!

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