Ashley Madison Drama…

it’s a nice humid rainy summer day here in Atlanta, GA but, I believe I am about to piss a lot of people off in a few seconds after I step up on to my box and speak…

(Walks up to create/box, steps up and clears throat)

I am not condoning adultery and infidelity here. For the record I find it to be repulsive and cruel. No matter if man or woman of any faith, you should be of your word. All that aside the news today has me a bit worried. Ashley Madison website drama shows how lazy and weak America has become… These men and women, yes I said women, had to use the net and pay to cheat.. HUH? What the fuck really!?! They allowed themselves to be listed in to a database that could be used to blackmail them even if it was never hacked! Why? Because it is easier than going out and meeting people the old fashioned way… Jesus back in the day our parents had to go to bars, church and work to meet one another to do this… A ton of them got away with it too, because in this old way there was little to no written record of what was going on! Doing it the old way also meant less people had any knowledge and clue of what was going on! This drama is telling me that for many Americans it is too much hard work and effort to go to a place find someone attractive say “Hello!” and find out if they are as shitty a human as you? This mentality of things having to be easier, in my mind is one of the factors destroying this country (Again this putting aside that they are not good people of their word). Immediate gratification, and simplicity is hurting this nation. One of the things my father told me long ago has proven true. Nothing easy in life is worth it in the end, that includes people…

Another thing… Why are they blasting on the men? Aren’t the women who were knowingly involved in the affairs shitty home wreckers too? All people involved are shitty humans, that were doing it behind their significant others backs…

(Steps off box)

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