My Thoughts On The Trump, Jorge Ramos Thing…

Okay I am not going to walk on eggshells here… I am getting fed up with this, Jorge, Donald both of you sit your a$$es down and take a listen.

Donald… What the hell is wrong with you? Wait, yeah I see what you did here. You knew this would blow up in your favor with all your hate mongering and bull$h.. It don’t take a genius and a political scientist to see what you are doing to keep the top spot. You took some pages out of Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler and putting some modern nationalist spin… Pandering to many of the uneducated masses (Uneducated on modern industry and the military industrial complex as two examples the list is long) who can not find work, mostly because the are not skilled or wish to be skilled on new tech, and to those who just can not handle seeing the country change and evolve. (something that has happened throughout the nations history. Same happened during Irish, first Chinese/Asian and Italian immigration influx). Don’t B.S. me either, I know you are not doing this for national pride and growth. There is some serious bank in this for you… It’s amazing seeing you pander to these people, even to the religious right! You have went against them and denounced them often, even in your actions and multiple marriages and now you have them believing you are this amazing upright man. It’s amazing! Really, this is an impressive skill! Still. STOP IT! We have over a year till we go to the polls and vote yet you have the election in a tizzy already and makes no sense. The mud slinging has not even begun and you have a mud fight in your party already as if it was the month before primary and most people have no clue of any candidates platforms. We all just know you are full of it… Well those of us who know how to think for ourselves. You have some nuggets of truth in your words and that is the scary part because the fools you pander to grab on to it with all their anger and do some stupid a$$ stuff… Like the dumb a$$ who told Jorge Ramos to “Get Out Of My Country”, dude must be richer than you man. He bought the who damn nation! Okay I know you can not be responsible for someone elses stupidity, still his comments were influenced by the hatred you are pandering to… you just don’t tell another U.S. citizen to leave this country because he is from a race that is usually from another nationality… Did we just forget most Caucasians are from Europe? Yeah the real Americans, those are the people we have living in reservations and getting our money from Casinos. Forgot about them didn’t ya?!

Jorge! Sorry but you are not off the hook here. I have a lot to say to you because I honestly believe you are above all of this… Yah I know you are mad. I am too actually. Like you I am a dual citizen and take pride in my citizenship. I agree what the man told you to do is wrong and what the Trump has been saying is not kosher. Hell I am quite conservative, support our military and have voted Republican more than Democrat in my life time. But like you I can’t see a ray of light in his statements. You get three good things out of him and then an anvil of hate! Granted though and not to piss you off, yeah the term is that they are legally Anchor Babies. It is not a PC term I agree and should be changed, but talking about it on TV 24/7 is not helping. This example gets to my point. I think…

Jorge, please stop… Read the prompter for a little while and regroup.  You have been giving opinions for the longest while on TV and not reporting the news. you are far from objective and in many ways doing the same thing as Trump. You are pulling pages from FOX News and reporting your opinion as news. Getting Immigrants in a tizzy and pumping your ratings… You don’t need to, you have BIG ratings as it is and could really be figurehead the immigrants and Hispanics need not just in the U.S. but worldwide. All the while not towing the bad political agenda. But pushing like an activist in a political press conference? Kind of reminds me of the two women at the Bernie Sanders rally… No Bueno, you took a hit to your credibility, now make it worth it. Change your approach.

I see you are a conservative and Democrat and hey that’s cool. You have the right to vote like you wish, you are a U.S. Citizen and so promote you wish. On your own time… When you are on television I see the title Univision News not The Jorge Ramos Show… (Granted It pretty much is, but not by title). So as a news program you should be reporting objectively and not throwing spin, especially because you don’t like what is being said. The opinions are to be made by the viewing public. Now if it was your show, then it is whatever you want, within the company limits of course. I watched the whole video when you interrupted Trump and in that forum you were out of line… I am saying this, agreeing with your statements though. It was his conference and his time. It should be respected. you think all the other reporters agreed with him? I really doubt it, I know some there were also Hispanic and were saying to themselves “WTF?” I would have been…

With the pull and power you have, why not invite him to a Jorge Ramos special on Univision (I Stand Corrected and See you Have)READ FULL ARTICLE – or an NBC cable affiliate? Make him look the fool there! Instead of promoting him more. See that’s what you did with the actions you took. You made some noise for some shows, but got this big massive swell of people supporting him to only support him more. You see it as racism, which is there, but I see it as more… When I look at the people supporting him, I see a generation of people who are romanticizing a memory of how the USA was, but truly never was… I was part of that camp once, but when going back through history and studying my era of living it all changed. My memory decided, like I believe most peoples does, to erase the bad. So at the time I saw this powerful and extreme good America! But it wasn’t, there was bad times still then too. Gas crisis, economic slumps, battles, riots. They were there in the 70s, 80s and 90s… Even hate racism issues, Rodney King for example, the Hate Crimes in Forsyth, GA. They were there and happening. Hell Reagan did an immigration reform back then too that caused marches and protests, most for than against… You have the influence Jorge to really change minds without having to resort to drama…

Right now we are standing on a razors edge of change, many political fools want to get the nation divided again. The USA don’t need that, we need more education! More unity of races and cultures! A new enlightenment to open minds. I have fools saying that I am racist because I don’t agree with how you did things. It has gotten stupid! That is why I believe with more compassion and less bashing of heads, I think things can get done buddy… If you want to make some change, invite this fools to your forum… If they keep declining, announce it and show the people how they fear what you have to say. If they do come, maybe they change their opinion with real facts, or you show them how they really are… But if not, in the eyes of many you will be no different than Sean Hannity and Bill O’Riley except liberal. But still a drama starter… Which in this case I think helps him more than you…

Okay that’s all guys… You can get back to work.

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