DARKSIDE SYNDICATE: Investigation – Old South Pittsburg Hospital: Shadow People?

Going back a handful of years, my team DARKSIDE Syndicate went and investigated Old South Pittsburg hospital. Many EVPs were captured that evening as well as ITC messages… I will post a short clip of the best EVP captured that day soon.

Right here is a video that many of you have most likely seen by now… But I wanted to post it with full disclosure of the recorded event… To this day this is the best video evidence captured at a location I was at investigating. During this investigation expert investigators Aaron & Afton captured these two possible shadow people on their IR camera at the nurses station located by the guest rooms. The shadows are seen going left to right towards the guest rooms. At first I thought these were regular IR shadows till I increased the gain and contrast on the video and saw that they were not against the wall… The video was captured on tape and not digital file. Which to me also makes it more credible due to its sensitivity. Take a look…

What do you think?

While we are at it… This is the best photo evidence from this investigation… This image of just a leg was captured by Ansilla… This was truly an amazing evening.

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