The AYMERICH Show… 5/14/2016

Lots of fun in store tonight…. Gonna have some of the best music on cue and some great stories and guest… So GET READY!!! This is gonna be a wild ride!!

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Woman Crush Wednesday… Watch the weather on Univision and I remembered my favorite weather person!! Jackie Guerrido! If you don’t know her well now you do! Weather will never be the same again!

Coffee Logic… Don’t hold to anger, hurt or pain. They steal your energy and keep you from love…

Hitler Really Was An Oddball: Rediscovered Documents Show Adolf Had a Single Testicle – Okay so it’s a slow news day! Dr. Peter Fleischmann’s verified a long-standing urban legend based on the formerly missing prison records from Adolf Hitler’s stint at Landsberg prison. It all began with the British military song, “Hitler has only got one ball”. READ MORE


WATCH: Volcano erupts near Costa Rican capital Erupt – Costa Rica’s Turrialba Volcano has erupted over three kilometres above the top of the summit. The eruption occurred around 1:30 a.m. local time Thursday, but a column of vapour was still visible above the crater just before 9 a.m., local paper Tico Times reported. WATCH VIDEO


MOVIE REVIEW: Dementia 13 – Josh Plock is here to discuss the amazing Francis Ford Coppola classic! This is one of my favorite Bits of horror schlock ever made!!!


a 1963 horror-thriller released by American International Pictures, starring William Campbell, Patrick Magee, and Luana Anders. The film was written and directed by Francis Ford Coppola and produced by Roger Corman. Although Coppola had been involved in at least two nudie films previously, Dementia 13 served as his first mainstream “legitimate,” directorial effort. The plot follows a scheming young woman (Luana Anders) who, while visiting her husband’s family castle in Ireland, inadvertently causes his heart attack death. She attempts to have herself written into her rich mother-in-law’s will since her husband (Peter Read) has pre-deceased his mother (Eithne Dunne). Her plans are permanently interrupted by an axe-wielding lunatic who begins to stalk and murderously hack away at members of the family.


The Georgia Guidestones – Djedhi Gnostica will be on today to share his theory about the infamous Georgia Guidestones. A topic we have discussed before on my old show The DARKSIDE… (AUDIO CAN BE FOUND HERE) where we went in depth about R.C. Christian and some of the old myths. Today DARKSIDE Syndicate member Djedhi is here to share with us his theory about the stones meanings… For some more in depth knowledge CLICK HERE


Footage shows child spectre floating across a living room – The eerie apparition, believed to be a five-year-old child, was caught on camera last week haunting the home. It appears in the room, moves across the shot and back again. I am not buying this bit of click bait… I got Bethany G here today to help me out on this one… SEE THE VIDEO


Bethany is also on today to talk about more geek stuff as well as Coffee and Doughnuts…


As always thank you for listening!! See you all next week! Keep in touch on my social media below! See you soon New AYMERICH Time, Same AYMERICH Station– Will


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