Somethings About America Right Now…

This is not America, I am at work and I I feel it here… Listening to the news and feeling heartbroken. I still applaud the Dallas P.D. In the midst of all this you stood up faced the horror and protected all you could. Thank you. I hope the cowards face justice. I hope we can all see the problems and fix this problem in our country… This is not the America I was raised to try to make. I feel like crying… I really do…

I said it earlier on my personal page and I will say it public now… These shootings has me biting my lip because of their stupidity… I am so pissed it’s not funny and hearing so many one sided opinions from so many people is what I expected but I still can’t believe it. The facts are facts and the issue is stupidity! As much as I want to yell racism I honestly don’t know I am not the person who pulled the trigger. Does it look like it? Is it easy to assume it is? That’s a big hell yes! Does that make all police racist? Nope!! Does it make the ones who pulled the trigger stupid? Yes! Especially when you see the videos because one had the gun dead bang at the the mans chest and the other seems to have no motive other than he seemed so nervous from the get go. Why? I again can’t say, I am not him. Either way and whatever his reasons, to me it does not justify taking a life. You can call me what you want racist, cop hater truth is I am neither. I can only take the side that I don’t see a reason for either of these men to be dead and I am not going to allow my anger to blind me to react stupidly. I want my anger to be focused on justice and to keep this nation strong. I don’t agree with our President often, but tonight he is 100% correct this is bigger than just a black problem, this is a we the people, USA, America problem and we have to face it no matter how ugly and painful it may be.

My friend Eduardo says something that is true, when we want to communicate we have to do it separated to each race some times, because of the culture between the races. For example his show is in Spanish and mine in English. Is that racism? I suppose so. Is it a bad thing? NO the differences in the cultures exist. The point here is that there is existence in the difference in culture and we have to learn to admit to it and see its beauty. It’s not a bad thing! But for the past 10+ years I have been hearing the term assimilation and yet seeing the meaning to be more conforming and homogenization. Guys we can assimilate and also keep our roots and culture. Recently we have been using the word tolerance for that. I prefer to use acceptance. We can be of all cultures, races, religions, sexual preferences and be Americans and not have to kill one another. This nation was never all one race. Even when it was ruled by mostly white Protestant men. The other people were here… Always have been!

I see the root of all of these deaths and pain as ignorance! It seems after the civil rights movement we let ourselves get more dis informed about ourselves than informed. We began pulling race cards against one another other than learning about one another. Like it or not it’s true. It made us start seeing more what we don’t have in common, than what we do have in common. Like it or not that’s the facts!

I know I don’t like Obama’s policies but when we as a nation voted him in I honestly thought we were finally embracing some real cultural change in the USA, but i slowly began to realize many did not like him just because he is black. That’s not good, it’s okay to not like his politics. That’s part and parcel of his job. But to use that as a mask for not liking him because he was born black? Nope! For an additional .10 I do believe that is the case in Washington. We need to start looking in mirror people! See the truth as it is… We as a nation need to grow up…

I know this rant does not being the lives of those men back. And it will piss many people who read this off but I honestly don’t care anymore. They should not have died and I am sick of all this anger and useless violence and don’t want to see shit like this anymore… How can we unite and beat terrorism if we can’t unite and stop killing ourselves because we fear one another as a nation. I was not raised that way as an American. I was raised that we were a salad of all different crops that made an awesome dish. With all our faults and all our disagreements we still made a unique plate of food… Yeah you may not like onions but give this dish a try and you will see its not bad!

I am heartbroken… But I have no platitudes, I mean what I say. My heart goes to the victims and their families. It also goes to the people of this nation. We need to grow up and see some truth here… We are all really part of this nation good and bad and we need to suck it up stop daydreaming and put this shit together with what we have and that is all of us. All cultures all beliefs all languages all genders all sexual preferences and all races… Let’s stop putting things in little boxes and forget about them… Let’s start to learn about one another and above all stop killing one another…

I’m done! *smh*

adds will pop up on my social media, I do have my show tomorrow on but I am done for today, really don’t have it in me to be silly today… Hope it’s a wonderful day…

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